What we do

In order to comply with PAS 2035 and PAS 2030, every domestic retrofit project will need to be managed by an approved Retrofit Coordinator (RC). On each retrofit project the RC fulfils three roles

  1. Manage - To undertake the traditional role of a construction project manager in respect of planning, organisation and managing the delivery of projects on time and budget
  2. Coordinate - To provide informed advice and support to contractors and consultants to engender understanding and teamwork thus achieving the energy performance that retrofit projects should seek
  3. Quality Assure - To provide assurance to clients so that project risk is managed whilst maintaining quality. They also identify and provide solutions for possible risks to the retrofit process and undertake post-occupancy evaluation to determine overall success and ensure that lessons are learned for future projects

It is important to stress that the Coordinator’s role stretches from end-to-end and is a professional role with full responsibility for demonstrating compliance with PAS 2035. Therefore, they should have full oversight of both the installation and handover phases, working alongside the installer operating under PAS 2035 (2019). More specifically the RC can deliver the following additional services:

  • project management including programming and advising on the budget
  • assessing and managing technical and procedural risks
  • making applications for statutory approvals
  • managing a tender process to identify and appoint Retrofit Installer(s)
  • negotiating contracts
  • ensuring effective communication between teams
  • administering contracts
  • inspecting work to check progress, quality and compliance
  • overseeing testing and commissioning
  • overseeing the handover of the project on completion
  • adjudicating any disputes
  • making defects inspections and arranging any necessary remedial works